Please look over our newsletter

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Please look over our newsletter

Please look this over.  I believe our newsletter is too long but my supervisor does not.June 2016.jpg


Hi @SherylD84


Thanks for posting your campaign in our Critique my Campaign board!  From your screenshot we cannot see the full email, so I went into your account and grabbed the URL for the Campaign here, so that we can see the full campaign. This way you can get some better feedback on the length of the campaign.  


Here's the link to the campaign:

Hello @SherylD84 ,


Your email looks great from a design aspect. It is easy to read and the articles themselves are short and concise. The only critique I would give is to consider making the email as a whole, a lot shorter. Keep in mind, that the average time a person takes to read an email before moving is just a few seconds these days. You can achieve this by focusing your email on just a few topics and/or linking to items to avoid taking up space that additional pictures and articles will take up. Overall, you are on the right track!

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Yes, I would agree with you - very long. I know I would never read the whole thing and that is a lot of time that went into writing it and then to not have your messages get across because it's too long is a waste. And Jonathan's advice is right on.

Totally agree with this!  I also feel that most of this would be wasted and lost once the audience loses interest.  Most of these I think you could put into blog articles on a website, maybe?




Hi Sheryl, the presentation is really nice but as the other posters stated it's way too long. Being the queen of long newsletters myself I've had to learn to use my blog more and use the newsletter to list things that my users can click to read more. That way I can present many more items and watch to see what my users are interested in by looking at the links they click on. I also send out a mid month newsletter and weekend editions for those users that wish more.


You are on the right track but shortening the news might yield you more results and dedicated readers that don't miss anything.

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I agree, it is too long for the average user.

I would personally lose interest after the first few paragraphs.

Great layout and design though!


Would you mind taking a look at my post and letting me know your thoughts?



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