Please review our new format.


Please review our new format.


Hi @ArnonZ


Thanks for sharing your email with us!


When I click on the URL you shared the email appears on the right hand side of the browsers I've tested it in, not centered as it should be. We're looking into why this happened on our end. I created case 16333770 in your account and you'll hear back from our second tier of technical support within the next 4 business days. 


I went into your account to view the email as it should be, and great job! Your email is very cohesive- the colors go with your branding and it has a feel similar to that of your website.


I would suggest perhaps adding the social icon for Twitter onto your email since I see you've got it on your website- it'll be one more way that your customers can connect and share your campaign. 


Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager