Sending email and would like some feedback

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Sending email and would like some feedback

Hi Everyone, 


I'm sending this email and would really appreciate some feedback.  What do you guys think about this?:


Thank you!



Hello @JayneG2,


Thank you for posting here in the Critique My Campaign section! Your email looks very professional and definitely aligns well with the current best practices of email marketing campaign creation. I love that you put a video in there. This is so important in keeping readers engaged and building up credibility. One thing I would recommend adding would be to make your logo image clickable to your website. This will help drive traffic there as clickable logos are often the first things your readers will look to as a pathway to learning more about your business. Don't be afraid to add more images too, to paint a picture of the services offered. Overall, this is a well done email which provides a succint and informative message with specific call-to-action resources that make it easy for readers to follow. Keep up the good work!


For more ideas, feel free to check out a recent post we did called The Anatomy of an Email, which gives a basic email structure example.

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My only comment would be that your design looks a little "cold".  If you could add some color you might warm it up a bit...grab some pastel shades from your logo, etc.  

Good luck!