Using Images for the Body of Newsletter


Using Images for the Body of Newsletter

We use Publisher to create a weekly newsletter and then I save each side as a jpg. I currently use Mozilla Thunderbird and can simply insert the jpg files in the body of an email and send it. Is there a way to use the same process with Constant Contact? I tried using the Basic Card/Flyer template and the image below is how it turned out. The text is hard to read. I hope to avoid having to recreate the newsletter and would prefer to use a link to the newsletter as a last resort. It is nice to open the email and have the newsletter appear. Thank you for your help!



Using an image is as the main body for your e-mail is a bad idea for many reasons. 

  • As you discovered, text is hard to read, even blurry
  • It is not adjustable to different screen sizes, I.E. phones - most people read e-mails on the phone first
  • Spam filters filter out e-mails where the image to text ratio is too big
  • You cannot link to "more content" from within the image, guiding readers to your website where they will hopefully spend a lot of time with your awesome content
  • The content should be available on your website too, to show visitors the great content you have to offer. Search engines cannot index images. Therefore, great content is lost to them.

So while it seems to be a big pain to create the content in text, it is really in your best interest. Just because one program doesn't stop you from doing "dumb" things, means that it is better.

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