What could I have done better?


What could I have done better?

Hi - My newsletter attached (subject line:Off to a 'good' start?) went to a 140 "general" mailing, any of whom might be, or know, prospective clients. There was a 51% open rate, 10 clicks (13%), but no interest, phone calls, email, etc. My objectives were to have some people:

  1. book a Cup of Tea meeting via the link in the intro paragraph (0)
  2. register for the Workshop (0)
  3. participate in the Poll (only 1)
  4. go to the Blog to continue the Pondering Point article (only 5 went)
  5. forward the issue to a friend (0)

What could I have done better to generate active interest? Specifics would be very helpful. Many thanks! Anna

Regular Participant

Hi Anna, that's a great open rate! A few suggestions:


- If you want people to take action, be as clear as you can with action-oriented language. So, try to use more pointed, "call-to-action" language. Instead of, "Workshop for Warriors..." (or whatever it said!) say, "Register Today (hyperlink) for my Workshop for Warriors (and include the date and any relevant info - fee, etc.) in your headline)..." - in other words, tell the reader what you want them to do and help make it as easy as possible for them to do it.


- There is nothing in your email about what a Cup of Tea meeting is. I would include clarification on that within the email itself. (I see you linked to it). If that is one of your desired actions, I would include a blurb about what they are - maybe as a sidebar? - details: what is it, what can I expect out of it, etc. then invite people to click to learn more, book, etc. You could also include a sentence on that within your greeting at the top.


Just a few quick thoughts! Hope that helps.

Thanks so much. Both valid points!  Will implement both of those.  Do you know if there's any place in the CC community (or CC itself) where I can see a sample of great, effective newsletters?  Anna