critique campaign


critique campaign

please critique my campaign.


Hi @LarryW373

Thanks for posting! What great content you've included in this email! I like that your information is in the header, this is easy to recognize as you. I don't mind the brown background, it's simple and doesn't take away from the images.


A couple of suggestions: First, do you have a website? If so, make sure you make all the images clickable and include a link at the top of the page!


I like how you have the content displayed but I might use content dividers to help break this up. I see the white lines you've used but there could be benefits from using headers too. For example "Still Available" is a great attention grabber!


Do you have a logo image? This would fit well at the top of the email!


Make sure the font and font size you are using is consistent, there's a different font being used in the "Cast iron fry pay 12" section!


I made a copy of your email and made some of the updates I mentioned if you would like to take a look. This campaign is called "CTCT  TEST" in your account. You are welcome to use or delete it but perhaps it's got some ideas you like!


Thanks again for posting, 

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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thanks for insight.


we do not have a web site at this time.


larry wachs