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Hey comunity...


Please share your honest opinions on my newsletter.

I want to have a better responce etc... so be honest.

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Hi @BrianC39

Thanks for posting! This is a great email!


I really like the image you've used at the top as well as the layout. I think the breakdown of each listing is great too, easy to scan though which is important.


I have a few suggestions as well. First, the black background works with your images but I would be very careful with the dont colors. The blue links are very hard to read so you mighr need to play with the coloring. Do you have  company logo you could include at the top of the email? This would help your email be recongized by your readers right away.


Have you considered using a Table of Contents to direct to each section of your email? If you used a side column you could include "solds" here too. I would suggest making your images clickable to larger versions of the images since you need to keep them pretty small right now. Lastly, I see you have social media links included. Have you tried using the social icons? These tend to get more attention than text links!


I've implemented some of these suggestions in a template called "CTCT TEST" if you want to take a look. 



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I agree with Hannah and was going to give you the same suggestions. Maybe use a dark color for the outer background and a light color for the inner background with a dark font color. Also, Constant Contact gives you the option of including Social Media links (I've attached a picture below of this). I would suggest using this instead of just word links because it will capture more attention. (After adding to your email, click on the icon and update your Facebook and Twitter Links). Also, as Hannah mentioned, including a logo would be a good idea. You can even click on the logo and add a link to your website to give clients easy navigation to your site. Hope this helps!


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I have to start out by stating that I agree with the other critiques. I do have some suggestions of my own. After I looked through the newsletter, I opened the website. In comparison to the website, I think the feeling of the newsletter is very dark. Have you thought about incorporating the colors or using similar fonts from your website to keep your company's branding consistant? Also, the images are very small and most of the links were broken. I would suggest either having the featured home section be a slightly different background with a large image. Then the other sections with the smaller images below or enlarge all of the images to showcase the houses. I would also recommend trying to remove the white lines from around some of the images. Lastly, add a different background color to the footer to make your contact information stand out from the other text.



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