regular emails with history


regular emails with history

I want to send an email on a regular basis (like weekly) to a large group of people (250+ right now)  I want these folks to be able to unsubscribe, forward the email to others who can then subscribe, etc, and it would be great if these tasks were automated - meaning I don't have to manually manage the email address list.  I'd also like to be able to 'post' the past emails on some sort of webpage so that those who come late to the party can go back and read older posts... 


I know this sounds like a blog -and maybe that's what I need, but I think most of the people in my list are less willing to 'go' read a blog post versus read an email in their inbox...


is constant contact a good tool for this?


Hello @FirstNameL363023 ,


We're glad to see you trying out Constant Contact. I'd like to address each point individually.


Regarding unsubscribes, all emails sent through our system (like other ESPs) require a link to our Privacy Policy, as well as a way for your contacts to easily unsubscribe. For us, this is a coded link specifically for the contact the email is sent directly to. when a contact confirms their unsubscription through this unique, coded link, they are removed from all your lists and not counted toward your Active total, which is what you're billed on.


For more information on unsubscribes


We generally don't recommend having your emails forwarded. Since email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) effectively rewrite and reinterpret the HTML of emails when forwarding, we have no control over how these emails will look when forwarded. Most times, there aren't any issues - especially if the email is fairly basic in structure / formatting. However, graphic-intensive emails, or emails with multiple columns and varying layouts may run into some issues with text formatting, design inconsistency, etc. depending on the email client being forwarded from and to.


As far as adding a subscription link to your email, the easiest method would be to either include a link to your sign up form on your own website, or include a link to a Landing Page sign up form. We automatically put new contact submissions into the specified list, but there will obviously be some manual work on your end to create the applicable list and landing page.


We do have an Archive widget (Email Plus feature) that can be plugged into websites, which automatically links to previous emails. We also provide shareable links for every email campaign once it's been sent. You're welcome to share this link wherever you wish.


If you'd like some additional 1:1 guidance and/or the ability to screenshare live with an agent, you're also welcome to call into our general support line. Otherwise, we'd be happy to provide any troubleshooting, advice, guidance, and other general support here in the Community, as well as via chat and social media.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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