3 Problems

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3 Problems

1. One on my email list just reported: "I'm having trouble reading the emails now as they come through with the right hand side clipped off, and enough words are missing that sometimes " 2. Another said, "Nice set up of the e list emails however it doesn't allow you to connect with face book .you tap on the FB icon and the page that comes up says about blank whatever that means and downtown take you to Facebook to share ." 3. I am not able to download photos into a campaign.
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Re: 3 Problems

Hi ChristineM284,

I am happy to help you!  Since you listed them nicely I decided to reply with a corresponding list. 

  1. There are a few different things that could be causing the right side of your email to be cut off. To determine what could be causing this I will need to know if it’s a specific email or all the emails?  If it a specific one, then it could be that the template is starched too wide for the screen.  If it is all emails, it is probably due to a browser or DPI Display Size Settings on the recipient’s end in which case you would not be able to fix.  I did look at some of your emails in your account and none of them appear to be stretched out.    
  2. It sounds like this is an issue with the link that is connected to the Facebook icon you have in your emails. This can be fixed easily.  Place your cursor over the Facebook icon you need to change and click on the icon.  You will then be presented with a screen that shows where you can type in or paste your Facebook address.    
  3. I’m sorry you are having problems with photos. When I looked in your account I noticed that you had uploaded a PDF.  Is that what you were trying to insert as an image?  If so you would need to convert the image from a PDF (Portable Document File ) to an image file (JPEG, GIF or PNG) in order for it to be inserted as an image.