45$ packet

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45$ packet



I would love to know how many contacts i can add in 45$ packet and how many emails i can send to them.




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Re: 45$ packet

Hi @ZoranR7


Thank you for your pricing question! If you go into your account, you can click on the link for View Plans & Pricing in the top blue section:


View plans & pricing.png


That will show you that if you go to our Email Plus program for 0-500 email addresses (we call those contacts), you will have unlimited access to both Email Campaigns and our Plus Campaigns (Event Marketing, Facebook Promotions, Local Deals, Surveys, Donations, Coupons).


You can adjust on the far left how many email addresses (contacts) you will have in your account to see the price points and the products/features available for each.


Just click that link in your account to learn about all that is available to you for the $45 price point!


Hope that helps!

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