A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

Is there a way to send a postcard or newsletter to a large group of recipients, but have each message personalized with their name in the greeting?

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We have a great feature that will allow you to personalize an email with a reader's first name, last name or both!


To personalize your Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation, you can add a greeting variable that pulls the name of your contact from the information you've stored in your account and display it to that individual contact when they read your email.

There are different steps depending on what editor you are using.  

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I have searched but haven't been able to find it the answer. I would like to personalize my welcome emails. How do I add a customers name in the subject line of my email?
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While you may add personalization to the content of your campaigns, there is no way currently to personalize the subject line. This is because doing so may lead to an increase of spam complaints, as spammers are known for using personal data in the subject line of emails.

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I would like to add a Dear  <personal name>, to the beginning of my constant contact emails -- is there specific code I should use?

Most templates already have it as part of the template. Make sure that you fill in first and last names in when you are entering contacts email addresses. Hope this is helpful.

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Sending an email that I want to display subscribers' names and two additional custom fields.

Created a test list and sent several times; they don't display.

What are some possible reasons for the fields not to display?

Using :
<Property name="Subscriber.FirstName" />

<Property name="Subscriber.FamilyName" />

<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1" />

<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2" />


Are you using a template? If so, you should be adding the custom fields with the "Insert Contact Details" button on the left side of the page when you are editing your email.

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I'm using my own code actually and want these details to appear in a table.

You need to use XHTML not HTML for Constant Contact tags to work.

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Thanks, indeed the problem was not using xhtml. It's resolved now.


Is there a way to create an email that displays customer information that is pulled  from a database? My company has a frequent buyers program, and would like to have each members account balance shown on their email.

You could do it, but you would have to upload the data to the Constant Contact Contact's database. You could use one of the custome fields.

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Thanks. That brings me to a new set of questions. First: Is it possible to update all of our contacts information at the same time? As in add the custom field value to each contact via a spreadsheet. Next, how is that custom field incorporated into the email?

Yes you can update using a file containing the information. There are detailed instructions in FAQs 3580, 2523, and 3676. I would read those before attempting any update. Basically you just have to put the info in a spreadsheet, make sure the column headings correspond to the field names and you can add or update. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- You can find the FAQs by clicking on the "Help & Support" tab at the top of this page, then click on "Frequently Asked Questions" and you search for those numbers .----------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to use any of the fields to customize an email you can use the "Insert Contact Details" which is on the left hand side of the page whenever you're editing a block in your email. The "Insert Contact Details" allows you to select the field or fields that contain the data you want inserted.

I have posted the answer I gave below in this forum http://forum.eblastforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7. It may be easier to read as it is formatted, something we cannot do here, and it has links to the FAQs.

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I need to be able to place the information contained in our customers' "Custom Fields" into an email.  We have warranty expiration dates that vary by customer, and we send out a monthly renew reminder.  I need that expiration date to change on a per customer basis.  Any help?
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To insert a Custom Field (or any other Contact Details, for that matter), open the block for editing, then near the bottom left is a drop down menu called "Insert Contact Details" which you can use to specify the Custom Field you need inserted.
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Can I send an email to a group of customers that reads fields in a file (ex: excel, etc.,) with their specific order history and incudes their order info in the email message?


Sort of. You have to upload that information to the custom fields in Constant Contact to be able to have them inserted in the email.

BTW, not sure what you are planning to do, but this sounds like transaction email and not email marketing. You could also use Outlook and a mail merge instead of Constant Contact.