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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

Is there a way to send a postcard or newsletter to a large group of recipients, but have each message personalized with their name in the greeting?

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We have a great feature that will allow you to personalize an email with a reader's first name, last name or both!


To personalize your Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation, you can add a greeting variable that pulls the name of your contact from the information you've stored in your account and display it to that individual contact when they read your email.

There are different steps depending on what editor you are using.  

For 2GE users click here.  For 3GE users click here



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Thank you very much!

fiddy cent
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I want to offer a 5% off discount code to those customers who complete my survey.  Is it possible to offer a custom discount code to each customer?  Or is the only way to do this is to keep track of each customer manually and only verify the discount by checking our survey results?

Hi Vinay, What you could do is save those who take your survey as a list. You could then export that list and give each contact a specific discount code. Once each contact has a discount code, update your contacts with this info and label the discount code as a custom field. Once the contacts are updated, create an email and edit your block. While editing the block, on the left, click Contact Details and add the custom field to the block. Now, when the email is sent, all contacts who receive the email will have a specific discount code where the custom field text was. If you have any questions about this, give us a call at 1-866-289-2101 or send me an email. I hope this helps, Jarrad


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Is it possible to write logic around subscriber data to show customized content? Something like: <if Subscriber.CustomText1 = 1>This is the custom content. You're special!</if>

Hi Jon, You can add contact details and custom fields into any of our pre-formatted templates or a custom coded XHTML email. If you're using a template, follow the steps in FAQ # 2069 to add contact details to your email. You can access the FAQ by copying and pasting this url into your browser: http://conta(dot)cc/eM2Wn9 If you are creating your own email using XHTML code you can follow the steps in FAQ # 2066. Copy and paste this url into your browser for access to the FAQ:  http://conta(dot)cc/hZQvcx I hope this helps, Jarrad


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These links don't work...



This post is a little bit older, so those links are no longer working.  Sorry about that.  Here are the updated links for you:  


-  To insert variables into an email - check this FAQ

-  To add a variable to a link - check this FAQ

-  If you are using your own code - check this FAQ



Hope this helps!  


I am new to Constant Contact, and I am getting ready to send out my second newsletter. I had a lot of success with my first, so I want to stay on the same track. This time, I am offering a coupon. This coupon is for 20% off for the month of May, and they can come to my store( which is out of my home), or they can order through my website. I need help on trying to word this coupon, since I have a couple of ways they can order - phone, email and website. I know how to set up my website for the 20%, but I am just having a block on how to word my coupon for my newsletter. They will need to present this coupon when they pick and pay for their order. Any ideas or samples of coupons?

EPB Designs

Hi Lisa,


What I would suggest is that you export your contacts into a CSV file and add a Custom Field column to the file. In that column, add a coupon code for each of your contacts. Once added, upload that file and update your contacts with that coupon code.


When creating the email edit your coupon block and on the left, click Contact Details. Add the Custom Field that contains the coupon code.


Sample text for your coupon could read "20% off your next order when using Coupon Code: 123345. Coupon is valid in store, via our website  and email or over the phone.


We have a lot of templates which include Coupon blocks at the bottom, some them include: "Retail Pack - Retail Newsletter", "Promotions - Modern" and "Newsletters - Business and Technology"



I hope this helps,


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my contact database includes fields containing the name and email address for the sales rep who handles that particular contact.  there are several different sales reps, therefore different contact records contain different names & email addresses in those fields.


within my email, i wish to close with:


<sales rep name> (no problem there)

<sales rep email>  ---> here's the problem.  i want to use the variable field containing the sales rep email address, and have it be an active "mailto:" hyperlink.  is is possible to accomplish this, with the hyperlink url being a variable field?


any assistance much appreciated.

Hi Daniel,


I was wondering if you could provide a little more information as to what you're trying to do.


Do you have your sales reps as verified addresses that each send out emails from your account on their behalf?






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all our sales rep email addresses are verified on our account.  we do not however send any emails with an individual sales rep as the official sender or the reply to recipient...instead we use a generic address as the sender.  the goal is to continue to send a single email to all the appropriate contacts at once, regardless of the sales rep handling them, but to incorporate their specific sales rep's name & email address in the content of the email.  the only difficulty lies in making that email address an active hyperlink.



Unfortunately, there is not a way to send a single email and have that email automatically populate with a sales rep's individual email address. All contacts sent that email would receive the same email with the same email address in the content of the email.


If you wanted each sales rep's email address to appear for their specific clients, you would want to segment your lists so that each sales rep had their own list. In each list would be that sales rep's contacts.


Once the lists have been segmented, you would create an email and then make a copy of that email for each of the sales rep's list.


You would then have two methods for adding the sales rep's email address to the email:


You could manually edit each of the copied emails and manually insert a sales rep's email address into a copy by:


1-Typing in the email address into the block

2-Highlighting the email address

3-On the left, click the Link icon.

4-Under Link Type, select "Email"

5-Enter in the email  address and click Insert Link



The other method is to add a custom field for each contact which contained that contact's sales rep's email address. You can have up to 15 custom fields. An Example would be:


Custom Field 1-Sales Rep A

Custom Field 2-Sales Rep B

Custom Field 4-Sales Rep C



Once the custom fields are populated, you would then add them to each copied email by:


1-Editing the block

2-On the left, clicking Contact Details

3-Select Custom Text 1-15 for each email


When adding as a custom field, the addresses would not be clickable. However, most email clients will automatically make the email address a clickable link when received by the contact.


I hope this helps,


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thanks for the help.




Yes, one of the best features about Constant Contact is being able to personalize your emails.  I would suggest you read FAQ 1346, 3052, or 3575 for further explanation.


To access the FAQ section, simply log in and then click on the "Help" at the very top of the page.


Best Wishes!

Maureen Dudley
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Hey Everyone.


Just wondering if it was possible to edit the subject of an email??


So instead of saying 'Generic Newsletter' it says '[name] blah blah blah'. Can we also pull contact info and put it into the main body of the email, not just the subject?


This would be greatly helpful as it would personalise the emails to a much higher extent, and get noticed a LOT more.




PS: Sorry if this has already been asked, i just couldn't find anything on it and as i'm very new this seems to be the best place to find information.

Hi Joe,


We advise against using a contact's name in your subject line because that is a tactic you will often see in unsolicited mail. . We do allow you to add contact details to the body of your email. To do so:


  1. Go to the block where you want your contact detail to display.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like the Contact Detail to appear.
  4. In the Insert section in the left sidebar, click the Insert Contact Details icon Insert Contact Details
  5. Select the desired Contact Detail or Custom Field # ("Custom Text").

    Note: Even if you have named your custom fields, these names will not appear in the "Insert ContactDetails" menu; instead, you will see "Custom Field #." The Note field is not an option to add into the email.
  6. Click Save.


I hope this helps!


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Thanks heaps for that Jarrad, works a treat!


Just one question though, what would show up if the field is empty?


Say there name field was empty (for whatever reason) what'd it say?

Hi Joe!


If you don't have any text in that custom field, it won't show anything.  So if you were to have in your email Dear "Custom Text 1", it would show Dear                     .


I hope that helps!

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It does help, thanks very much Marissa

You're welcome! :smileyface:  I'm glad!