A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

Is there a way to send a postcard or newsletter to a large group of recipients, but have each message personalized with their name in the greeting?

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We have a great feature that will allow you to personalize an email with a reader's first name, last name or both!


To personalize your Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation, you can add a greeting variable that pulls the name of your contact from the information you've stored in your account and display it to that individual contact when they read your email.

There are different steps depending on what editor you are using.  

For 2GE users click here.  For 3GE users click here



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Yes, that's what I thought - - - only option is the custom fields - - - wouldn't work the way I want, I don't think... You're right - - - I will look at outlook options - - - thanks....
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We send to eahc of our customers these email drafts. Is there away to personal each addressee's name ex: Dear John,? Then the standard email we send at the bottom?

Yes, you can choose a template that already includes this function or you can insert it into your email with Insert Contact Details which shows on the left side of the page when you are editing a block.
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I am using the Advanced Editor and trying to add subscriber details to a path but getting an Invalid XHTML error.

For example:
<img src="http://www.website.com/images/<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText15"/>"

I know the error is because of the quotes, I've tried differetn variations of single quotes or no quotes, but it's not working. Any ideas? Thanks.
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The path above is missing some characters, the tag does close with /> Subscriber.CustomText15 contains the full image name, like "testimage.jpg"
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I called phone support and they made a suggestion that worked. I put the whole image tag in 2 custom fields.
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hi all,

my scenario involves customizing the email body/subject with specific details which are custom for each and every user...was wondering how to do that and where can i find api call/sample for it

Faizal, Interesting question. How large of a portion of the email needs to be dynamic ( in characters), how do you intend to create the custom data and where do you intend to store it? Regards, Tony

You can add User based info to each email. Not sure if that is possible in the Subject...


Hi Tony, I don't know how to create the custom data, The strategy I am trying to execute is that i need to invoke sending the messages to a contact list with personalized greeting alongside each email will need to have 1 or 2 sentences custmised for each indiviual user.....how can i do that Appreciate you taking time out for this. Thanks Faizal

hi All, My email Body will have approx 2- 3 sentences which are custom for each user. Thats what I am trying to get that in. Thanks a ton folks in advance. Faizal

Faizal, I would also like to be able to add the user's name within the body of the email just like it is used in the salutation of the newsletter. Any luck with that? Thanks, Kelly

not yet kelly...hope we get a solution soon

Hi everyone, For Kelly, you can add the contact's name by going into edit the block where you want it, then on the left, you will see Insert and in that menu choose "Contact Details". As long as you have their name saved with their email address in your account, you can insert "First Name". For custom data, if you store that as well in the account using Custom Fields, you can also choose Contact details and then choose the Custom Text associated with it. The Custom Fields only have space for 50 characters, so if your sentences are long, you would want to use more than 1 Custom Field. You won't be able to add custom details to the subject line only in the actual body of the email. If you have any other questions, you can check out FAQ 3575 in the Help link above for Faizal and for Kelly, check out FAQ 2069. Also, support is available at 1-866-289-2101. I hope that helps you both! Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative

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Can I automatically bring these names into my email, and if so how, and if not how?

Have brought in a few names just to test this out and want to send them an email...I'm completely perplexed.

Can't imagine with sophistication of the net this can't be done easily, but can't locate the info.

Penny, That won't get a great answer in this venue. Check out this link to a great collection of tutorials. http://www.constantcontact.com/learning-center/tutorials-guides/index.jsp Regards, Tony

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I am trying to send a personalized Thank You email to a list of donors who gave to a specific email campaign we did a few weeks ago.  Each donor gave a dfferent amount and on a different day that I want to specifically mention in the Thank You email.  I have the info uploaded into three of the generic fields titled Custom Text 5, Custom Text 6 and Custom Text 7 for each of the different donors, but it is not showing up in preview after I insert the Contact details within the email.

The custom fields are very similiar to the greeting tag that you can include in your email. 1.Click the Edit icon on the block where you wish to add the custom field. 2. In the left pane, click "Insert Contact Details" and select the field you wish to add. 3.Click the Save icon on the block. Notes: • If you send a test email with a custom field, the information will not display in the email until it is scheduled to go out. Schedule the email to a test list if you wish to make sure the information will be pulled into the custom field. •The Contact Details will be listed as their default titles and will not reflect any renaming you may have made on your Site Visitor Signup form. CC answer 3575 Wishing you success

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We are trying to move away from sending hard copies in the mail and spend less on postage. But the problem is we would basically need to go in to our template and change it each time with their name and the amount they pledged or gave. Is there a better way to do this? something like a merging process with external data into a CC email. 

Hi Darren, I removed your other post for you. :smileyface: We actually do have the ability to add custom data to an email you send out. What you would want to do is to have an Excel file with the email address, contact's name, and the other information, all in their own columns. Then you would want to import this file into your account. If you have already imported the email addresses, you would want to click on Contacts tab > Update link > upload the file. If you haven't uploaded anything, you would want to click on the Contacts tab > Add/Import link > follow the steps and choose for your custom data to go into one of the custom fields. Once the information is uploaded into the system, you can customize your email. You would click the edit icon on the block > click on "Contact Details" on the left and choose the custom field you uploaded to. This will insert the information for each contact when you send the email. I hope this helps! Marissa W. Community & Social Media Support Representative