A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)


Re: Unique link embeded in my email - how do I do this ?



What I would recommend in this case is utilizing our Custom Field option. Once each contact has their full unique link next to their name in the excel file, you will import the file. Now once you're creating the email, rather than utilize the "Register Here" button itself, you will create a custom field by going to "Contact Details" on the left hand bar and then scrolling to the bottom of the drop down menu and selecting either Custom field 1 or whatever name you have given it upon import. 


This will autopopulate whatever information is in that field into the body of an email. We can't guarantee that every email client will automatically generate a link out of that custom field but most up to date email clients should.


If you have any further questions at all with how to proceed, please don't hesitate to reach back out via email or by calling support at 1-866-289-2087.



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sending personalized emails

When I send a personalized email campaign, it only works with some emails. For example when I send a test, my name/personalized info works, but the first name field in another email in the test doesn't - it has a "true true" message in that text field. Please help?


Re: sending personalized emails

HI @JulieB100

Thanks for posting, I am sorry to hear of this frustration. What is the name of the email this is happening in? Also, so we can best troubleshoot, which field was pulling "true true"?


When you send a test copy of the email out any contact details that you have pulling into the email will show with your information. This is because the email needs to be sent as a live email to reference the information stored in Constant Contact. You should have seen your name or the account owners name populated into the "first name" field even if you sent the email as a test to another address. It's best to test out emails like this by sending a live copy to a small test list. This way you will get to see what information it is pulling ahead of time. We've got an FAQ with more on this if you would like to take a look.





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Re: A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)


We have a great feature that will allow you to personalize an email with a reader's first name, last name or both!


To personalize your Email campaign, Event-related email, or Survey invitation, you can add a greeting variable that pulls the name of your contact from the information you've stored in your account and display it to that individual contact when they read your email.

There are different steps depending on what editor you are using.  

For 2GE users click here.  For 3GE users click here



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