Ability to Preselect Upload Folder

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Ability to Preselect Upload Folder

Is it possible to preselect a folder on image(s) upload? I don't wish to navigate the base folder in order to move them.

Great question! You can select a folder during the upload process so you don't need to move the image once it is in your account. After you have selected all of the images to upload you can click on one or two or use the Select All option to highlight all of the images. Use the panel on the left to select a folder to save the images into before clicking upload. 


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We’ve shown you how to add folders to your Library and how to add files to those folders. But what if you have a file that you want to move to a different folder? I’m going to show you the different ways that you can move your files around within your Library. Read on to find out more!


Click on the Library icon on the left pane Library Icon.jpg


Option 1:


  • Check the box to the left of your file
  • Click Add to Folder
    Add to Folder.png
  • Choose the folder to move your file into

Option 2:


  • Directly to the right of your file, click the Folder icon
    folder icon.png
  • Choose the folder to move your file into

Option 3:


  • Click on the file name you wish to move into a new folder
  • You will receive an overlay
  • On the right, choose the folder you want to move the file to under Add to folder dropdown

    Add to Folder dropdown overlay.png
  • Make sure you hit Save to save your changes and close the overlay.


And there you go! Start organizing your files into appropriate folders. Check out our links below for more information on your files and your Library.


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If you have any questions let us know!