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We received an email that our prepaid balance would need to be paid again soon.  We just paid for our account in December 2019 for the year, and our budget does not allow us any funds until January 2020.  

I called and spoke to a really nice woman, and she explained that we had added more contacts and our account had been upgraded to a higher price.  


We never sent anything to more than 35,000 contacts at once including June 2019 through August 2020, but somehow we were charged for the next step up, 35,000 - 50,000 contacts during those months? Also, is there a notification you could activate for when our plan is changed/upgraded?


As a waterpark, we were hit really hard by the pandemic, and corporate has completely slashed our budget.  We have funds to be released in january 2020, but there will be a gap in our payment in december of $12.75.


We have used constant contact for a long time, and we love using CC, I would really appreciate any help with our situation.


Is there any way we can delay the December charges to January's billing cycle? How can I pause auto-renewal charges? Is there anyone available to go over our options with me? 





Hello @MyraW49 ,


Since Billing is based on the number of contacts, not how many emails you send out (since there's no caps on number of emails that can be sent) or other campaigns you create, that's why you were still charged at the higher tier.


I'd recommend calling in and speaking directly with our Billing team again regarding your contact levels, and your remaining prepayment. They'd have the best insight as far as what your options are to maintain the account.




Additionally, here's a couple general advices for getting your contact levels lower:


Firstly, I'd recommend deleting and unsubscribing your recommended-for-removal bounces


Another thing you could do to further decrease your list size, is segment out contacts who've chronically not opened your emails. You can then further manage this segment by adding it to a list, determining which contacts may still be worth keeping (such as very recent additions based on Date Added), and then deleting all the remaining non-openers.


William D
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