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Account Info

Hi. We've used CC for several years now and we have no complaints on the dynamics surrounding emails, though I think the contact page could be more user friendly. I use a vertical monitor and have to jump through hoops to view different areas of the screen, primarily due to the lack of a horizontal scroll bar. I also could like to see a page advancer located at the top of the contact list page and an automatic "see 500 contacts" without having to scroll down for the setting (which doesn't always stay set during my session). My problem is viewing our account info. I used to be able to view it with no problem, but now cannot even locate it. Where is the account info located now? thanks, Connie F


Hi @ConnieF71!


I would definitely love to submit feedback for you on these topics! I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused when using that vertical monitor (I have one myself and like it very much). One feature I do want to recommend utilizing in your browser is the zoom in/out function. It may help when viewing the contacts page. 

As for the Account Info section, the first step is to locate the little silhouette icon in the upper right hand corner of the window. If you click there, the My Account section in that menu is now what Account Info was. Included here is a screenshot for you, showing you the steps to get there.

Finding My Account.png




Let us know if you have more feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve our product!

Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist
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