Account information omitted from the legal phrase at the bottom.


The easiest way to explain is to show you.  This is on our sign-up form and this is what the preview shows in Constant Contact




This is what shows when we use it live:



our address, website and name are missing after the From:


I don't see anyway we can fix this on our own?


Thank you,





Hello @LauraS046 ,


When I checked the website linked in your emails, I wasn't finding the sign up form you mentioned, but when I checked the direct link for your legacy landing page, it showed the address correctly on my end. So I'm wondering if it's possibly a connectivity-related error, where the info is getting blocked out by some extension or another element on the receiving end. Was this missing info issue occurring on multiple devices or on other networks for you?


Ultimately, I'd advise utilizing the more up-to-date landing page sign up forms, available through the Sign Up form tab and in your Campaigns tab.

William A
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