Activating email campaign and also including 22 emails in the campaign

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Activating email campaign and also including 22 emails in the campaign

Hi. I was hoping to receive a quick answer and solution. 


I am new to Constant Contact, have signed up for the Email Plus account including all the features, and have started an email campaign. 


1 - I have gotten to email 16, and there is no option to create more emails in that campaign, but its for a 21 day challenge. How do I add emails to that campaign?


2 - when I try to activate the campaign (in the hopes of sorting out problem 1 above), it asks me to upgrade, but it shows I am already/currently on the highest plan? How to resolve?


3 - Can I use the same campaign over and for example after the 21 days, can I just reactivate it with different contacts? Or if I wanted to do a trial run, and find faults, can I stop it half way through?


Hello @user920817 ,


You can have up to 15 steps per automated series. For additional steps, you'll want to make another series that triggers off an appropriate number of days compared to the first step in the first series. Therefore, for days 16-21, you'll want to have the exact same trigger (contact joins list the first time), but set for 16 days after on the first email.


You can also copy automated series. If for your days 16-21, or the next time you do a 21-day challenge, you're needing essentially the same setups and template builds, you can just make a copy to save a bunch of time. 

As far as the "upgrade" messaging, it's possible that, as a brand new international account, you may not be able to activate your automated series within the first 30 days. This was implemented by our Compliance teams some time ago, as an anti-spam measure. However, if you're needing these automated series activated and ready to go within the first 30 days, I'd suggest reaching out to our Account Review team to see if they can provide any additional support. We can also offer a callback ticket for this team, if you're needing one due to international calling, connection, or time difference issues. These callback tickets typically happen within 24 business hours of submitting the ticket, depending on call and case queue sizes. If you'd like to go with this method, please reply to the automated email from my @ mention, with your username, best email and phone number, time zone, and best time to reach out.


Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist with. Welcome to Constant Contact!

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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Update for anyone else finding this post: The autoresponder limit has been increased from 15 emails to 31 emails. In the case of the original poster's question, a 21 day challenge type of series can now be accommodated.