Add a Google Tracking ID to a Shoppable or Custom Landing Page

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Add a Google Tracking ID to a Shoppable or Custom Landing Page

I created a custom landing page in CC and am trying to add a google analtics code for tracking but Constant Contact keeps refusing the Google analytics code!!!  Google NO LONGER provides you with a code that begins with "UA-" and now only will give me the "new generation" code which begins with a G. Constant contact does not like this and keeps refusing it.  I have looked everywhere i can and cannot seem to find a way to get the "UA" code that Constant Contact wants. 


Constant Contact - please fix this so that your site will accept the new generation Google tracking code!


In the meantime, if anyone knows how I can grab the old format "UA" code, please let me know!


Hello @Marisa_M ,


I have spoken with our Tier 2 staff and they are doing some testing on their end regarding the switch made from the Google Universal Analytics or “UA” over to the new Google Analytics 4. Once they have completed their testing I have asked that they reach out to you via email on the results and next steps. They will contact you via the email address that you have provided on your Constant Contact account. Sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause at the moment.


John M
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Hi @John_M and thank you.  I figured out how to generate a new "UA" code and you can only do it upon initial setup of the site in Google Analytics. So, I had to delete the setup and start over so that I could opt to create the UA code.  But Google highly advises switching over to the new code which starts with "G".

I'm happy to provide any other info as needed.

Thank you,