Add a mailto link with cc and subject line in an email

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Do I have the correct format for Constant Contact with the below link? It does not work and I'm confused. Any help out there?

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Hello @PatriciaF378 ,


When I just manually type out my own setup with a cc and subject line, I can get it to insert correctly. It's odd because your particular addresses just aren't working, regardless of combination:

  • If I remove the CC'd bit it works fine.
  • If I replace your main address with only your CC'd one and leave out the cc, it works fine.
  • If I try to swap them around so the originally CC'd address is the main address and originally main one is the CC'd bit, it won't accept.
  • If I try to have either as the main address and insert any other address as a cc'd address, including my own addresses that I confirmed will work in other setups I test, it won't work.


Even our usual workarounds of using an outside URL shortener doesn't alleviate the issue. While our system will then accept the shortened URL version as either a mailto: or webpage link, email programs will just result in a blank tab opening, or a blank new email popping up for creating.


Our higher level technical team is going to take on the case to take a closer look, and will reach out via email within the next 4 business days to update you. However, based on my various tests with your addresses and others in similar setups, it's currently looking like you may need to simply exclude one of your addresses entirely as a CC'd element, and have only one of them be the main one alongside the subject.

William A
Community & Social Media Support