Add or edit a personalized greeting in your email

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Is it always advisable to personalize an email to contacts i.e. a personalized greeting?  For example, I am a client of Apple's and I receive emails of an informational nature, and it does not include a personalized greeting with my name.  

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Hello @AdrianD08 ,


It'll largely come down to the nature of your emails, the nature of your business, and your target audience. More personal emails that are targeting someone's interests or building off of other info you have of them, will want to have some kind of personalization in the body (greeting tag) or in the subject line. Impersonal newsletters, general alerts and notices, or emergency e-blasts will generally not want to be personalized.


In the same vein, if your business or organization is very hands-on and interactive - such as a small local business, local and state-level candidates, spiritual guide, a community bulletin, an author's newsletter club, etc. - then you'll likely want some degree of personalization in your email. Larger corporate accounts, community chambers, travelling bands, medical clinics' bulletins, and similar organizations will likely want to avoid being personal with their emails.


In my personal experience, I've liked when a local business includes personalization in their emails to me, or a small online business I've subscribed to or purchased from has my name in the communications. However I feel the opposite when a mega-corporation or a candidate I've never met or supported includes my name to their ads and e-blasts. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support