Adding Account Multi-Users


Adding Account Multi-Users

UPDATED: July 2018


In the past, the only way to allow additional users to access your account was by sharing your login credentials. But not anymore!  With Account Multi-User, account owners can invite colleagues and/or team mates to collaborate on a project using different unique logins and passwords.  Although they will have access to your account, they will have certain limitations.


 In this article I will walk you through the process of creating additional users and share helpful links.


Adding Additional Users


To add an additional user:

1. Place your mouse over the name in the upper-right and then click My Account.


NewMyAccount_MyAccount (1).png


2. On the right-hand side, click "Add Users" in the Account User section.



3. Fill out the required fields for the new user, including selecting their role, then click Save.SelectAccountUserRole.png



That’s all!! Now that you have added additional users, learn how to manage them. Click here for an interactive video.



Good job! You are done!


Here are some additional links that you may be interested in:


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