Adding Greeting Tags in Subject Lines?


Adding Greeting Tags in Subject Lines?

I know you can add greeting tags in the body of an email, but I'd like to customize the subject line w/my subscribers' names.


Is this possible? 


Hello @richflyte


It is possible if you were to code your own HTML or XHTML code email. If you have a email created in HTML/XHTML you can add<Property name="Subscriber.FirstName"/> to the subject line. Adding <Property name="Subscriber.FirstName"/> will pull the First name that is associated with the email address you are sending to.


We want to ensure your e-mails reach their destination. Outside of custom code, our normal templates do not allow this. Constant Contact discourages this practice because it could lead to an increase of spam complaints, because spammers like to use personal data in subject lines.


As a company Constant Contact values feedback from our customers. Feel free to post this in our feedback forum. By posting in the feedback forum it allows for other customers to vote and comment on the ideas and this is seen by our product teams.

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Funny, CC has been using that "increase in spam complaints" arguement for as long as I can remember gotta be going on 5-10 years with that same argument - but most other major ESP's (also with high delivery rates and strict anti-spam policies) allow and in fact often encourage their customers to try/test personalized subject lines as a way to optimize open rates and foster trust. Don't try to push that argument down our throats simply because you cant or dont want to implement it. I am a 20 year marketing veteran and i can tell you that doesn't work - only reason I still work with CC in some cases is bc of client preference. Numerous marketing tests and studies across the internet show that personalization helps to increase open rates by a significant percentage and studies have been showing this for well more than 5 years. Please add this feature and be much much more agressive in being competative in updating CC functionality, integrations and UI to meet current market/customer needs with such basics as: 

  • restore Google Analytics tracking in emails/3rd gen (like now, ASAP, before you do anything else)
  • ability to search past campaigns (wow seriously)
  • enhanced reporting and compare features
  • ability to view more/all columns and customize the order in contacts list view (including the custom columns which could include valuable and needed attribution information). Currently we have to export the contact lists to view this which is an unnecessary step. 
  • other personalization options and data pass-through
  • better tracking capability - again not just the basics like restoring the removed Google Analtics auto UTMs feature but also enhanced attribution in your own system such as where people signup from - currently your system only tracks those that subscribed by CC's own forms but someone subscribing via an API or your own Facebook form, show up as added by you - we can add a custom field for this but cant then later easily find this. 

Hey @VincentM6,

We appreciate the feedback and I wanted to take the time to give you an update on some of the features you mentioned, and some clarity on how we’ve prioritized them.

  • Google Analytics: We prioritize feature work based off many feedback channels, as well as usage from our 2nd Generation Editor. We haven’t ruled this off the roadmap, but it has been lower in priority compared to some other features.

  • Search Past Campaigns: Since moving a majority of our users to the new Toolkit platform we’ve worked on adding improvements to the campaigns interface. Search is on the roadmap, however I don’t have a solid timeframe.

  • Enhanced Reporting: We have a feature called “Compare Campaigns” on the Reporting page, and we’re actively exploring an A/B testing feature for sending campaigns. What other kinds of reporting are you looking for?

  • Customize Contact List View: This is great feedback and something we’re considering building for the longer-term vision of Contact Management.

  • Personalization: Merging a contact field into the subject line is something we have wanted to explore but is lower on the priority list. This is great feedback and hopefully we’ll have a more concrete timeline soon.

  • Better Tracking Capability: We’re planning out better ways to view “Contact Growth Reports” and integrate with 3rd parties to provide more holistic reporting.
Matt Breen
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I agree with you  @VincentM6.  I am currently working on building a campaign through a CTCT client account. I'm a digital marketer with 15+ experience and used to working in more robust ESPs like Responsys and Exact Target.  However,  I'm in a pinch because although I've explained the type of campaign automation (subject line testing, etc) I could execute (which is to my client's preference) I am unable to deliver because of Constant Contacts lack of capability.  CTCT employee, do you have a built in function guide that  would show how to use your proprietary logic? For my client, I'd like to compete with current SL personalization strategies as well as email asset personalization (both from one launch instance so we can compare variable statistics).  Is this possible?

This is not working: our account owner's name is showing up in all the subject lines. Calling the field within the custom email via the $ does work though.



Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I apologize the Account Owners name is showing up on all of your subject lines. Please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post and we will investigate further!

Taryn Leinweber
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