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Adding MLS Search to Web Builder Site-REAL ESTATE

Real Estate

Adding MLS Search to Web Builder Site-REAL ESTATE

Despite my research on Web Builder capabilities, I have found out from Constant Contact tech support that adding MLS integration is not possible on my Web Builder site.  We need to provide the capability of our visitors to search for homes while staying on our site.  Anyone have a solution to this?


My workaround would be to redirect to another external site, but that would take our contact off our site.  I would at least like to collect their contact information first if this is the only way, but how then would I have the contact form Submitted and then redirected in one step for the end user?  Homesnap redirect is another option, but haven't gotten that far yet. 


(using Constant Contact email and web builder package)


Hi @debbied310 ,


Great question. You're correct that there isn't a direct integration with the MLS, but there is a potential solution that could work based on what you're describing. The Web Builder does have a section where you can embed content from another site. So visitors would still be on your website, but it would have the listing embedded within an iframe on the page. In order for this to work, the site must be secure (the website starts with https:// and not just http://) and the provider allows their site to be iframed. When I go to the standard MLS page I see that it isn't secure (http only) but you might have different access to it than I do, which changes that. I'd say it's worth trying if you have a URL with the listings on it! Hope to hear back from you if that works or not.