Adding dynamic links to email?


Adding dynamic links to email?

I'm new to Constant Contact.  I'm trying to add links to my email but can not figure out how to do it?  For example - the template I chose (Real Estate) has a list of ten things to help prepare your home for sale - 4 are listed and the text reads:  "Read More...."  How do I make this dynamic so that customers reading the email will be able to rest of the 6 items.  Also, there's a button to click for "More Info" - how would I activate that?    This seems like a great product, but is of no use if potential customers can't access links.


Hi @RichardV931


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact Community. It's my pleasure to assist you this weekend.


Those are great questions. We are happy to assist you at any time. You may link the Read More.... option that is currently in your template to a website or another document that would have the remaining 6 options you mentioned by following these instructions. This is a great option because it does condense your emails and make them easier to read


Another option you can consider is linking a Read More block to a blog or another link to allow that direct content to pull up. Here are instructions on that. This is a great driver to your website or blog. 


Using a button link changes the look and feel of your email and generates interest in the content. You may see how to link those buttons here.


Please feel free to reach out should you have other questions. Thank you for choosing Constant Contact and have a great day!

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Did you actually find a way to go about adding a custom link to an email mate ?

Hi @RoderickD07


Are you looking to insert a dynamic link into your email campaign? At this time being able to insert dynamic links is not a feature available in our Third Generation Editor. As a workaround we suggest inserting your entire dynamic code into a custom field of your contacts. The key is making sure the whole code is inserted in this field instead of just the dynamic variable. You can then insert this custom field in your email as a standard contact detail. I do however want to mention this URL will not hyperlink, so recipients will have to copy/paste the URL into their browsers.

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