Additional Social Icons for 3rd Generation editor

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Additional Social Icons for 3rd Generation editor

I've just started using the 3rd generation editor today, and was surprised to find that not all of the social media icons migrated to the newest system.  Two social icons I'd love to include are: Flickr and Vimeo.  I've created my own for now, but since the social media block is it's own little piece, I can't get everything nice and neatly centered in the bottom (rather, they're centered in two separate columns, or one on top of the other in mobile).  Even if people could add in their own social media buttons in the editor, that would be very helpful.  Thanks!


HI @LindaA23

Thanks for bringing your suggestions to the community! We are currently tracking interest in adding new social media icons to our 3rd Gen Editor. I've added your comments to the feature request and opened up a case to notify you once we implement any new social media icons.


Nate M. 
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