Address Change


Address Change

I need to update my addresss and I don't want my personal address being sent out. How do I do that?


Hello @tammiewrampe


Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. I just want to clarify if you're referring to the physical address required in the Footer or the From/Reply-To email address for your campaigns? For example, you can change the physical address in the Footer of each Draft campaign by clicking in the Footer space. It will open a pop-up window where you can change the address.

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Otherwise, if you want to change the From/Reply-To Address you can go to My Settings in the drop-down and then click on Verify Address.


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If you want to change your physical address permanently for all future emails, then you can click "Edit Address" under Organization Address. If your personal address is listed and you don't have a physical business location you can also put a P.O. box. User-added image
After clicking on "Verify Address" it will show you the e-mail addresses already verified or pending verification and then give you a place to input new e-mail addresses. Once you put a new e-mail address in you have to look for the verification e-mail in the inbox of that address. Once it is verified you can select the new e-mail address in the Header options of the e-mail campaign you're working on. User-added image
If you want to change the contact address permanently you can do so by changing your User Email under My Account. User-added image
I hope this information helps!

Nick S.
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Our offices moved and I updated the address under the Corporate Address section in the Organization Address / Organization Information section.


But when viewing a confirmation email for a new subscriber, it still shows the billing address (which is a personal address tied to the credit card on file). So it appears that the billing address is what's feeding that data variable. Correct? 


If so, is there a way to update the billing address to the mailing address without throwing off billing (since billing is to a personal credit card)?

Hey @CBOAdmin,


Welcome to the Community! Thank you for reaching out to us. There are actually two places in which to change the address.You are correct about the first location of changing the address under the 'My Settings' and changing the organization address. The second location is within the actual emails in the footer section. Once the footer address is changed it should reflect for your customers!


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