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Adjusting block sizes


Adjusting block sizes

I think it will be very helpful if I could adjust the block size and bring images closer together.

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You can do that pretty easily by opening a blank block and then insert a TABLE, with the number of CELLS you want.  Within the TABLE cells you can then use the alignment option to control image placement.


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There is no option to add three Images in one Row

Do they need to be individually linked?



Yes even we can get Images with hyper link will work fine so THREE IMAGES all have their own Hyperlink

without heading or description under the images 






Can you rephrase that?    It's kind of confusing.

3 images in a row is what we are trying to figure out too. Is this possible?

The best way to do that would be using the table option.


But depending on whether or not you are seeing the "new user experience" you may not have that as that option. It was removed for some reason unknown to mankind.



Hello @DaveC805


Thank you for reaching out to us. I reviewed your account and see that you have not been upgraded to our Next Generation Editor. The best way to have images in a row is to add a table and then put each image in a cell.  

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If they create a template with three images in a table, what happens when they are upgraded to the Next Generation Editor? Will that template still be available for them and will it work properly?



Hello @mchristo. Yes, they would stll be able to use that template. They would just have to make a copy of the draft or sent email. As with every email, I would suggest sending a test email before sending the email out to their contacts to confirm that the email will show up properly in someone's inbox.

Caitlin M.
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I have 5 small images that are each links, the system seems to only allow 2 across

Not sure what template your using, but find a block that allows you to create a 5 x 1 table.