Advanced Editor: Preview = current edits included > Resulting test email = edits not included

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Advanced Editor: Preview = current edits included > Resulting test email = edits not included

Most of my emails are created via the advanced editor. Recently I noticed that edits I make show up in the browser preview but not in the test email. I figured out that the editor now requires you to save prior to sending a test email even though it shows the current edits in the preview. This is not how it has worked in the past. It's very confusing and has resulted in incorrect test emails being sent to managers and coworkers. 


Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Create a new custom code email.
  2. Enter some text between the body tags in the Advanced Editor. 
  3. Click save. 
  4. Click Preview & Test. (Note that the text is shown in the preview.)
  5. Send the test email. At this point it should match the preview.
  6. Go back into the Advanced Editor and edit the text or add more text.
  7. Click Preview & Test. (Note that new edits are shown.)
  8. Send test email. (Note that new edits are not in test email.)
  9. Go back, click save and send test email again.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to The Community. We do apologize that unlike our New Campaign Editor when you create a custom coded email it does not save your changes in real time and requires you to click the save button to see any changes with your test emails. Once again we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We do take feedback very seriously so I will be ensuring the proper team sees this. If there is anything we can assist with never hesitate to ask.

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Health Practitioners & Centers

Thanks for the reply. I have no issues with having to click save. My concern is more with the browser preview showing the unsaved changes. This is the same window that test emails are sent from. This preview should show the correct version of the email that will be sent. Thanks again.