Advise Required


Advise Required

Hi, We are an organization / company currently evaluating your platform for further purchase. We are having trouble in : 1) In contact list or by contacts uploaded via file, there is a fixed format to choose, like First Name, Last Name, email, date added So if a record is not having First name last name, the mailer goes to recipient bearing Hello First Name, Last Name. So aren't these parameters configurable, so that we may use only the column email. When required we may include names in our mailer. Please let us know. Kind Regards

Hi @First-NameL5865


When you upload your contact file there are different columns as you mentioned, but it is not required to enter in a contact's first and last name. When creating an email you have the option to include your contact's first or last name (if it's in the system) by using a Greeting Tag, or you can have other information populate by using the Contact Details option. If you choose to insert a Greeting Tag then you also have an option to include a default greeting for contact's whose name you do not have. It will look like this when creating the email in your account:





Did that help to answer your question? I hope it did, but please let us know if you have any other questions, thanks!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager