All I wanted to do was to BUY LEADS!

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All I wanted to do was to BUY LEADS!

I did a Google search to "Buy Jewelry Email Leads". The very first item on my list was "Email Marketing Leads - ConstantContact". So I signed up for the free trial, logged in, and immediately searched "buy leads" in the FAQ because I did not see a package or a plan to simply buy email leads. I got all kinds of search results, NONE of them telling me how I could buy email leads.


I already have a marketing crew, so I do not need to pay someone else to do the same thing I pay my Marketing Reps who have degrees in Marketing! And I am NOT going to let them go. One of them is a family member and the other is very good at what she does as well.  They both do a great job. But we need more email leads!


Am I missing something, or was the Google ad a bait & switch?


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Re: All I wanted to do was to BUY LEADS!

Buying a list is a contradiction of the Ts&Cs of Constant Contact.


You have to establish your list via an OPT-IN strategy not a purchased one. 

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