All Roadrunner Contacts Bounced as Undeliverable


I sent an event announcement out this past Tuesday at 6pm. The list I sent to includes some of my most engaged audience - frequently email with them and they attend our events regularly.  EVERY contact on the list requested to be on our email distribution.  No contacts with Roadrunner or email addresses received the emails. The emails to these Roadrunner contacts showed as Sent - but never opened.  A handful of these folks contacted me to tell me they never received the notification - not in their Junk folders...our email address is on their whitelists. I trouble shot with them to be sure everything was ok - they just never received them.


The day before (this past Monday), I sent a test email (at 10:58am) of a previous event results to the same list - the Roadrunner & folks received, opened and clicked through to the results.


I contact Deliverability support on Thursday and they thought the emails might have been caught in the Roadrunner's rate limiting. Another person had contacted support for the same issue with Roadrunner addresses. Support saw nothing with the email that should have stopped it - very similar to the first notice. Support thought the emails would go out over the course of the next couple of days.


Well unfortunately, they never went through and they have now bounced as Undeliverable. I have another notice that I will send out tomorrow or Monday to the same list and these people that didn't get the last notice NEED to get this coming notice. It seems pretty clear that Constant Contact and Roadrunner aren't playing well. 


I'd really love some help. Kim




I've just had exactly the same thing happen with all my Road Runner contacts in the domain

I contacted Road Runner support and they sent back a response that seems to indicate it's a rate-limiting issue.  "If you're finding that your server is being rate limited (and the reason is not due to too many recipients per message), the most likely solution available to you will be to have the party responsible for your server apply for enrollment in our feedback loop: "

This must be something new as I've been sending to these recipients for years with no problem before.

Please fix it, CC !


Thanks for posting your similar experience...Constant Contact...what say you.  I found a thread from back in 2010/2011/2012 where Constant Contact was having roadrunner deliverability seems the problem is back.


We need a fix Constant Contact!

Hi @renaultf1 and @usad6003

I'm sorry to hear those contacts are bouncing! We have someone available to help in our Deliverability department right now, please give them a call so that they can help you at the appropriate number listed here: Our Deliverability team specializes in making sure your emails get to their intended recipients, so they are the best team to work with on resolving issues with bounced contacts. I hope they can get to the bottom of this for you both!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager

I just spoke with a person in Deliverability...not convinced the person knew what they were talking about...the said by looking at there had been Time Warner Cable issues over the week. I looked at DownDetector and it looks like those are localized outage issues.  He tried a quicksend - which I had already done - still nothing and he indicated these would bounce as well - 5 days later...


Asked about the "feedback loop" issue the other person posted about above and they said the technical people that would need to answer that were not available until Monday.  Guess I'll have to call back on Monday.  


This definitely seems like a IP address issue on the part of Constant Contact and I'm a little disappointed that I'm having to call back next week for a third time.  My account isn't the only one having a problem based on the note above...really CC, you guys need to fix this - you have at least two reports of an issue with Roadrunner addresses.


Can the forum admin bubble this up to tech support - I got nowhere with my call.



USAD6003...If your emails for roadrunner go or you get a resolution, would you mind posting back into this thread?  I would greatly appreciate it. thx

No luck yet - I had another scheduled email go out to all my distribution list on Friday, and once again it bounced all the Roadrunner accounts as Undeliverable.

There were some outages in Florida with Brighthouse/Spectrum on Thursday, but that impacted cable TV, not internet, so I don't believe that had anything to do with what we're experiencing with email.

I'll try with the CC Deliverability team on Monday, and will let you know what they say.

I went here to look for a solution and I see there are many of us experiencing the same thing.  I sent an email to over 4000 and my initial report showed about 20 or so bounces which it normal - most suspended or box full etc.  2 days later I look again and now I have 575 emails all rochester.rr accounts that are marked undelivereable!  There is a very big problem - this area has just switched over from Time Warner to Spectrum so I have a feeling that is part of the problem.  Contant Contact needs to address this issue quickly - add me to the list who will have to call on Monday!

Hello @usad6003 and @LongAcreFarms. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue as well. Our Deliverability team is best equipped to handle these kinds of problems and can definitely look into this for you. Their numbers and hours are listed here. Please let us know if you need any additional assistance. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager


I would like our named added to the Roadrunner bounce issue. We had a person contact us over the weekend, expecting to receive information via eblast and she had checked with others who also use Roadrunner. None had received the information. I was able to forward the message, but that is not a solution. While I don't have data to back this up, I will do the research, and I can say that this has been an ongoing problem for us for some time. As in years. Wonder if has the same issue? 

Hi @MemorialArtGallery 


I apologize you too are having this experience! Are you contacts still not receiving your email campaign after safelisting Constant Contact their security settings? I also would suggest reaching out to our Deliverability Specialists directly. These specialists can help take a further look at your contacts and campaigns.

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Wow LongAcreFarms - over 500 bounces...NOT GOOD - even though my problem is bad, it is not as big as that!  I want to keep this thread alive until we have a resolution. If I found out anything when I call support today, I'll post back.  It would be great if anyone else in this thread posts back as well.  

Frequent Participant

I've just experienced the same thing this past week with domain 

Occasional Participant

I sent an email on March 29 and one on March 30. All double opt-in emails. All engaged. Over 250 bounced each time as undeliverable. All Roadrunner email addresses. This is unacceptable and I do not believe for a moment that it is anything we did. This has happened once before with but was quickly corrected. Please get on this CC.  

I called today and they are aware of the problem and are working on a resolution - hopefully it gets fixed quickly.


Hi @LongAcreFarms@renaultf1@CellcomM, and @usad6003. Like @LongAcreFarms said, our Deliverability team is aware of what is happening with some Roadrunner contacts bouncing and not receiving emails. They are researching the issue and will work towards a resolution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we thank you for your patience while our Deliverability team works on this. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager

@Caitlin-M - if you hear that it has been resolved, can you post on here to let us know.  I'm holding off sending an email that needs to go out so that I can reach my Roadrunner people.  thx


Experiencing the same issue. Bounces coming back from both and


Please keep us informed when the fix is coming.

Hi @renaultf1, @CarolW86 and @wnedwbfo,


I'm very sorry you're experiencing this issue. Our team has been working to resolve this as quickly as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to reach out directly to our Deliverability team for guidance and assistance with this.


Nichelle M
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I just checked my Florida Roadrunner customers from an email sent mid last week and they too were not delivered.  I also am holding off sending my weekly email out until I get a confirmation that this issue is fixed.


@Caitlin_M told us at 11am this morning that the Deliverability team were aware of this clearly widespread problem with Roadrunner contacts.  Do you have any update on status, and when we can expect a resolution?  Several people are holding off sending emails, and it's getting on for a week since this first manifest itself.  Thanks!

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