Apostrophes in greetings/salutations

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Apostrophes in greetings/salutations

The last time I sent an email that I wanted to personalize, I discovered that the generic greeting (for the subscribers whose first names we do not have) would not recognize an apostrophe. In place of the Dear {First name}, I wanted to say, "Dear Friend of St. Stephen's Church." Could not do it. I spent lots of time with customer support and they finally conceded they didn't know why it was happening and did not yet have a solution, but they'd work on it. Now it's time for a year-end giving email, and the same thing is happening. So I guess it's safe to say this issue is way down the list. I'm using a third generation editor, so can't look at the HTML. Anyone else have this issue and figured out a workaround? (Sorry--I'm not going to say "Dear Friend of St. Stephens Church" without the apostrophe.) Also, Constant Contact: an apostrophe is a pretty basic punctuation mark. 


Hi @SarahB15 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'm sorry to hear you're still having this experience with your account. With that said, there are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for it. Though this is the case for this feature, there are three different workarounds we suggest in the meantime:


  1. Omitting the apostrophe.
  2. Removing the text that contains the apostrophe from the Greeting tag. Instead type this greeting as regular text outside of the tag, add the first name inserted through the First Name contact detail with the fallback text as Friend.


Did either of these workarounds work in your email?

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