Archive feature has become useless

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Archive feature has become useless

Our organization has been using Constant Contact for all our campaigns to our membership for many years.
I was very disappointed to see the recent changes that have made the Arichive feature useless.

Previously, it was possible to add a Description under each archived newsletter. We used it to list the contents / summary of topics contained in each newsletters. That enabled our members to do keyword search on the archives page on our website to find the issues that contained the information they were looking for. That feature has now disappeared - WHY??? This has rendered the whole Archive feature useless!! No member is going to remember that they read certain information in the February 21st, 2016 issue!

In addition to that, adding archived emails to the archive page on our company website used to be instant. Now, it takes forever.
Very disappointing, Constant Contact!


Hi @JuliaS9969. I'm sorry that you do not like the changes to our new embeddable Archive. I completely understand why you would like to have the ability to type in a description of what is included in your newsletter to make it easier for members to search for. At this time, sent emails can't be automatically added to the archive but can be added once the email has been sent with just a few clicks.


I will submit your feedback about the changes to the Archive feature but I also encourage your to voice your feedback on our Feedback board here in the Community. Our Product team uses this board to help decide what changes and updates to make to our product. 

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Thanks for the link to the Feedback board, I have posted my feedback there.

Our organization has been using Constant Contact for all our campaigns to our membership for over 6 years now. We have sent hundreds and hundreds of emails using your system. Following the changes you have recently implemented that have made the Archive feature compeltely useless to us, we have now been forced to look into other mass mailing systems to switch to.

What Archive has become now is compeletely useless. Moreover, it is completely impossible to use even if we wanted to.

In addition to what I have already mentioned,

The maximum number of archived emails that can be displayed is now 100. Previously, it was unlimited - it was possible to insert a link at the bottom of the list of archived emails saying "Click here for earlier emails".

MOST IMPORTANTLY: The emails that are displayed on the archived page on our website are now displayed not in the order that they were sent (chronological), but in the order they were archived! We have been sending our newsletter out to our organization's membership every two weeks for 6 years now. The issues were not always archived in the order that they were sent - sometimes one went in and archived the last 4 issues, or sometimes some email other than the newsletter got archived. Do the math - that is 6*25 = 150 issues to UN-archive, then go through the list of THOUSANDS of emails that we have sent to our members using Constant Contact (we don't only send newsletters, we send many different kinds of notices to different groups and sub-groups within our associaiton), FIND those 150 newsletters and archive them in the EXACT order that they were sent out! And, if one mistake is made - there is no way to move issues displayed on the archives page arond, the only solution would be to, again, UN-archive 149 or so emails, then again go through the list of thousands of emails, again find and again archive all the newsletters in exact chronologic order.
Does your organization have staff who could dedicate weeks of their time to doing this? Ours doesn't.

Before, it was possible to edit the title of the email to be displayed on the Archive page. I always inserted there the date that it was sent out. Now, that is not even possible - the newsletter issues are displayed on the archives page without any dates.

Our bi-weekly newsletter is a very important tool of communicating and providing information to our members, and our Newsletter Archive page was widely used by our membership to retrieve information. It is no longer.

I am asking - WHY? Why make all these ridiculous changes and deteriorations to something that was working perfectly? Why drive away loyal long-time customers?