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With your new format I can't figure out how to access my archives, update my archive home page, etc.? Please help!
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FYI -- appears they removed the feature of the archive log and replaced it with Add Embeddable Archive Widget.   This is troublesome as it does not appear to differentiate between public and private archive communications.  If you are linking to a website -- this could post private comms.  Only other option is to use a short url and recreate a webpage on your own.



Add the Embeddable Archive Widget to a Website

Article: 000008759
Copy the code for the Embeddable Archive widget and add it to the source code of a website


Important: This FAQ requires you to use HTML code.

If you're an Email+ customer, once you've selected the emails you want to include in your Embeddable Archive, the next steps are to get the code and add the widget to your website so they can be seen. You only need to do this once.