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Automated Email Series Completion


Automated Email Series Completion

Two questions regarding automated email series:


1. After a contact competes an automated welcome email series, where do they go? Do they just sit stagnant on that the welcome series list until they are manually moved elsewhere, or can they be automated to move over to a general list after completing the welcome series?


Hello @TanessaK ,


A contact will receive any email assigned to a list or segmentation they're in. If you'd like for contacts to add themselves to other lists once they've finished a series, there's a few different option you can utilize.


The first would be to create Landing Page sign-up forms for the individual lists you want as options. Then simply label those links respectively when inserted into the final email. This will allow your contacts to more specifically tune their interests in what they wish to receive from you, if you send out a variety of emails.


Another option would be to use click segmentation. You can link to your website, to a custom landing page, or elsewhere. As you're setting up the link, simply turn on click segmentation and select the list you want the contact added to at the time of clicking. If you're thinking a custom landing page, I'd recommend setting up a directory to different stuff associated with you, such as links to your website, store, social media pages, file hosting / sharing sites, patron / streaming sites, etc.


Or you can simply make it so all contacts are in a general interest or similar purpose list by default - either by making the list the default when contacts sign up, or by manually re-adding everyone (Select-All checkmark box > Actions > Add to list) from the auto series list to the general one.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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