Automated email series from WooCommerce purchases

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Hello there,


I am moving from (where they have customer journeys) over to Constant Contact and I am wondering if it is possible to set up a number of automated series that trigger when a customer purchases specific products.


For example, when a customer purchases widget A they receive a welcome email giving them the opportunity to upgrade to the monthly subscription.


If they take action they are tagged as a monthly subscriber.


Is that possible inside Constant Contact?  I already installed the plugin for Constant Contact on my WordPress website that connects to my WooCommerce store.


However, it has not imported my customers just yet.

Please advise if this is a possibility.  Thanks.

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Hello @FirstNameL68292 ,


At this time you can setup the integration to have purchasers added to a list, but not on a product by product basis. Similarly with Automation series, there isn't currently a trigger for e-commerce purchases.


That said, some potential workarounds could be:

  • Setup an automation to trigger off of new list additions, with list based on specific product purchases. Then manually add contacts (export from WC/WP if needed) to those lists based on their purchases.
  • Add WC product blocks to your emails and enable click segmentation so contacts that at least click on the links in interest are queued for the automation

The two options would be the most streamlined process for handling these contacts based on their product purchases/interest, and getting them into your automation queues.

William A
Community & Social Media Support