Automatic email not sending


I have been on the phone with constant contact support today for over an hour, as our automatic welcome email is not sending.

Their solution was to create a new signup form, and get a new universal and inline code, and put them into the website.

That has not solved the issue.

Apparently they are aware of this problem and have not been able to solve it.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our entire sign up campaign is a complete flop and this is a new customer of mine.

How do I get a support ticket and get the developers to work on this issue?

Anyone else having this problem?


Hello @TinaB915. I'm so sorry to hear this happened! I took a look at your account and spoke with our upper level of support. It looks like there was an inactive welcome email on the account so anyone who signed up during the time is was inactive did not receive it. We activated it for the sake of testing and we were able to successfully receive the welcome email after signing up using the form on the website. The email was set to inactive after we were done testing so all you will need to do is reactivate the email


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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