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I have an odd request for an automation series. I understand how to set up a series to send out a sequence of emails once someone takes an action. But is there any way to set up a series that will send more emails if one DOESN'T take action?

I am trying to create a series that will request Google Reviews after an event. If the recipient opens the email and clicks to leave a review, then no additional emails need to be sent. But if they DON'T click to leave a review, I want to send two more emails to remind them. A traditional email sequence doesn't work for this because I don't want to send reminders to anyone who HAS taken action, only those that don't.

Is this possible through Constant Contact? Thank you.


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Hi @StacyS30717 , 


That is a great question, and I totally understand needing a functionality like that. Currently, we don't have a series trigger for the Automation to send to Non-openers of an email, and I will pass along your feedback about that to our engineering team. However, it is still possible with a little bit of manual work. What you could do is view the Reporting for the campaign, view the non-openers for that campaign, and check the box and click Actions to add those non-openers to a list. 


Once that has been done, you can set up an Automation with the "When a contact joins a list" trigger. Any future contacts that you add to that list will receive that Automation series. Although it's not fully automated, it would be a good workaround to achieve your goal.

Amanda G.
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