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Bad reporting!


Bad reporting!

Just found out that emails that send auto replies are counted as bounced.  Absolutely horrible way of reporting.  So if one of my clients is out to lunch or on vacation, and has on their auto reply, and opens up my email later, constant contact tells me it's bounced, when in fact it's actually been opened.  So in essence the number of "bounced" emails is innacurately, possibly grossly innacurate.  People may go through and elimante bouned emails from future campaingsn thinking they have bad email addresses when in fact they are good emails that just happened to have auto reply on.  Very poor.  Fix this!


Hello @NeilB041 ,


Mailbox Full / Vacation / Auto-reply emails are counted as bounces across the industry. As you've seen, we keep these separated out so you're able to look into it, same with other bounce types. We notify you of people bouncing in this manner so you can reach out to them privately if need be. It's also good for your own records so you can see if someone has chronically bounced this way for months on end, allowing you to make a better judgment call of whether to keep them as a contact or not. 


As the article linked above shows, for the vacation / auto-reply ones, marking these as bounces is also beneficial so you can explicitly see if they are role addresses (e.g. no-reply@, admin@, team@, etc.) and decide if they should be kept. Many of these types of email addresses do not get regularly checked, can have multiple people accessing it, and often have an auto-reply function to let you know that they may not be valid to send to.

Additionally, the auto-replies are never included in our Recommended for Removal drilldown of bounces - so you shouldn't need to worry about deleting them unless you explicitly highlight a campaign's All Bounces and delete them that way.

William D
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