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Bandcamp Code

Bandcamp code for individual download codes won't work. Every time I past it in the html portion of that segment in the email template, it just deletes it when I save it. Any idea why?

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Re: Bandcamp Code

Hi @RonnieC26


It sounds like you are wanting to insert individual codes for each contact on your list? If that's correct, here is the best way to accomplish that.


  • First, you want to create a Custom Field for the code. You can do this by going to My Account > My Settings.


My Settings Toolkit.jpg


  • Then scroll down to Contact Settings and click on Manage my custom fields


Manage Custom Fields.jpg


  • Then click Add custom fieldadd new text field


Add custom field dropdown.png

  • Enter in the text that you want to be for your code - example: Bandcamp code. Then hit Save.
  • Next you want to take your list of contacts (preferrably within a file) and add a new column named Bandcamp code
  • Enter in the code for each individual person if they're all different.
  • Save that file and then go to Contacts in your account
  • Go through the steps of importing that file to update your contacts or add them with that specific code
  • Once that is complete and all contacts are added, go into your Campaign
  • Edit the block where you want to add this code
  • Under the Insert Header on the left, choose Contact Details
  • Scroll down until you see your custom field - aka Bandcamp code

bandcamp code.png

  • Click to insert


This will insert the individual code added to each contact in your list that you uploaded previously.


Don't forget to save!

Any questions let us know!