Best practices on managing contacts


Best practices on managing contacts

Our school has used Constant Contact to market to our community interest students for a long time but has not ever cleaned up our database. I also don't think we've been actively adding new students to the database, except those who add themselves by signing up.


What is the best practice for list clean up? I'd like to remove old addresses/former students who aren't active, or who have not responded/opened an email or have not attended a class for some period of time, so that I can add current students who I know have an interest.


We don't send emails often so people don't usually feel motivated to Unsubscribe. Should I plan to send all contacts an email that asks them if they want to continue to receive emails from us (and respond in some way otherwise purge them?)


I also would like any tips for exporting from a registration database (called ASAP) into Constant Contact.


Thanks for any advice!



Hey @JerryG08140,


Thank you for reaching out to us! That is a great question and I would be happy to provide some options. The method you mentioned about sending out a mass email to have them verify they still want to receive them will work! Or, you could create a new list with our segments system and let our system tell you who hasn't opened an email in a certain period of time! You can click here to read how to complete that process! 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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