Better ways to use images...


Better ways to use images...

I am very new to using Constant Contacts, and every step of designing a new campaign has been very frustrating for me.  My biggest frustration at the moment is trying to use my own images.  In Desktop preview, everything looks fine.  In Mobile preview, the images are automatically resized to take over the entire screen.  If I was receiving that email on my phone, I would be unsubscribing so fast.  It looks unprofessional, especially when the image I use the most often is just a company logo that I want to remain a small, centred image at the top of the heading text. 

The company I work for is a landscape supply store, and I wanted to use images of our displays (rock samples and paving stone displays) as the enormous background that appears behind the email on desktop versions.  Unfortunately, nothing I do is able to make this look presentable.  I almost wish it would automatically resize this, too, so that the repeated imagery was at least centred and balanced in the space instead of one-and-a-half images wide and less than one image long.  Ideally, it wouldn't need to repeat at all.  I want a single image of the rock display to appear behind the email. 

I then tried to use one of my images as the background of the email itself, but that doesn't appear to be an option.  


Hello @StavenB4,

Thank you for coming back into the Community! I'm adding your account to our feature request for more control on those background images, and I can have our team email you once we've improved that feature like you're wanting.

For the logo, you're correct that some mobile devices do resize those images more than others, and that can cause them to look quite a bit larger than you wanted.  To resize an image using our system, go to the library page, and open the image you want to change.  From the image details click 'image editor' in the lower left side.  Then choose 'resize' from the options along the top, and you can change the size to something smaller, so that your new 'original' image is smaller, which should resolve the issue that you're seeing on some mobile devices.

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Thank you for your reply.  I'll play around with manually resizing the image and see if that helps our logo in Mobile preview.