Beware of the new, bad UI if you have an Apple M1

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The new UI, which all accounts do NOT have no matter what CC claims, will or at least can break your browser(s) if you have an Apple M1 machine. When I login to CC with my new M1 MacBook Pro, using the new, terrible, slow CC UI, within about 5 minutes no browser is able to access the Internet. Wifi is fine, email is fine, but browsers will not work. The only fix is a reboot of the whole machine, and this fix is only temporary because it keeps happening over and over.


Finally the lightbulb went on for me today. So today, when this happened again, I used my 2018 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 MacBook Pro -- which I am on right now -- and had no problem with my browser, though it makes the new UI even slower.


CC, ROLL ALL ACCOUNTS BACK TO THE PRIOR VERSION OF YOUR UI until or unless the new one is ready for prime time. We do not care about your internal goals, bonuses, whatever. How about the UX? How about taking care of your customer!


The Apple M1 machine works fine, no problem at all, with the prior CC UI.

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Hello @JayK560 ,


We haven't heard of the CPE's lag issue being so severe as to cause any device's entirety of browsers to cease functionality. Our higher level technical team wants to gather more data on this, and perform further live troubleshooting. They should be reaching out within the next four business days to setup an outreach session, as well as a remote access session if you'll allow it.


Currently they're set to reach out to your account's default contact info. If you need them to reach out to different person, phone, or email, please reply directly to the @ mention email you receive from this response with the preferred contact info, or email us directly at communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com .

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