How do I know the email will be sent on birthday?


Hello @UndraaB


As long as you have the Birthday field updated for your contacts, the Campaign will be sent based off of the schedule you set, either on the birthday or before.  I took a look at your account and noticed that your Birthday Campaign is inactive right now, but if you make this active it is currently set to send on your contact's birthday. 


Have you udpated your contacts to include their birthday?  If not you can upload that information into the account through an import of a file.  

We are working on sending out our first wave of birthday emails based off of our contacts list. There are approximately 2,200 contacts in our system with birthdays. We are stuck on the wording to determine the expiration date to list for their coupon. Since this email will autogenerated, we will not be able to input a date (i.e. 5/31/16) for the expiration of the coupon as the same email will go out for all of the following months as well.


Alternately we are looking at a couple of options:

If, for example, someone's birthday is on May 1st and we send it out prior to their birthday, but indicate the offer expries at the end of the month, they would likely be confused if it is for their birth month or the month in which it was received.

If on the other end, they have a birthday on May 31st and we don't get it sent out to them until the end of the month then they have a more limited time until the end of the month.

We are also discussing having it expire 2 weeks after their birthday and requiring stores to verfiy id with purchase, but that feels strange.


How are other stores setting this up?

Hi @PacificFabrics


You bring up some really great points here.  This topic was talked about in the Community previously here, and the following question was proposed: What would be best to be able to add in the date of the birthday or to set up a custom expiration date (i.e. birthday + 2 weeks)?  What do you think would be the most useful for you? 


I also thought of another option for you as far as expiration dates for a coupon.  What if you had the coupon expire # of weeks (i.e. 2 or 3 weeks) after the email was sent?  Your customers could show the email (either printed or maybe on a phone, depending on how you want to keep track of redemptions) to the sales rep, and then you might only need access to a calendar to see when 2 weeks from the sent date is.  Do you think this might be a valid workaround for you?  

Thank you for the response. That feature would be amazing, however it doesn't seem to be accessible yet? birthday+2weeks is what we are shooting for. Right now the expiration reads "This offer is valid now through 2 weeks after your birthday.We’ll see you soon!" And are asking the teams to vailidate however possible (i.e. via recieved date on print out/on screen) until further notice.