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It seems that when I don't have enough text in a block to cause text wrapping, the block size contracts in some mobile browsers.  If the block has a background color, it becomes clear that the block has a width less than that of the overall template, causing ragged edges.  What's the fix for this?


Also, one of these blocks has a left image, the other a right image.  But in gmail, they are showing up as centered content.  I'm hoping it's a different symptom of the same problem.  





Hello @Torcan ,


When it comes to Legacy editor-built emails, they're not coded for mobile friendliness - meaning there may be some rearranging or text wrapping issues when trying to display in email clients. Email clients prefer mobile friendliness and some even try to force emails to fit an expected structure rather than simply displaying the email like they would in a desktop view.


Regarding the coloring aspect, it looks like those specific images are coded to have borders around them, but not for the entirety of their block, which when forced into mobile formatting makes it look weird.


As for the text wrapping / alignment issue - it'd be tied to the forced mobile view occurring within your email client. In general, mobile devices prefer (and will usually try to force) images to be their max metadata resolution that can fit on the screen, and also be centered. This is common practice across the industry.


For more information on mobile compatibility


For more info on prepping images for the best mobile and desktop viewing


It's entirely possible that some of these issues are being caused by built-up old coding from copying the same template over and over again, an issue that's more common with the legacy editor than the current one. You may be able to resolve this issue by wholly deleting these affected blocks and inserting fresh new ones to compose your message.


With all this said, you may be able to avoid some of these issues - like the coloring and general mobile unfriendliness - by switching to our current editor. At this time, there wouldn't be anything that could be done regarding the appearance of these emails since the legacy editor is being retired in waves and will eventually be unavailable for copying (hasn't been possible to make a new legacy editor emails, and hasn't been available for new customers since 2017).


If you'd like one-on-one guidance, our general support agents can work with you live on the phone to get started as well. You can also request to have your legacy template remade in the new editor by one of the professional designers, or to have an entirely new one created for a price.

William A
Community & Social Media Support

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