Border appearing in 3GE that should not be there


Border appearing in 3GE that should not be there

I just moved to a newsletter template in the 3rd gen editor.  I've added layout blocks from the left side and it looks great on my screen but when I test it, or send the email, on some blocks, a border appears that does not show otherwise.  I can not remove them and don't necessarily even know they are there until I send or test.  Sometimes inputting a black line helps is go away but not always. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? There isn't an option to add or remove a border but somehow it is there.


Hey @PaulineC89,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize that the border keeps appearing during test sends! To get to the bottom of this I need to just get more information on the issue. Where are you sending the test to? For example, is it a mobile device or desktop? Also what's the email client that is receiving it? (Gmail, outlook, etc) And lastly would you be able to provide a screen shot of the border that appears? Thank you so much for your time! 


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Hi, thanks for responding.  It is not just on test emails but also the actual emails once launched as well.  The lines do not appear when opened in my personal gmail account but do appear when sent to our Microsoft Outlook business account.  I just checked and my coworkers email shows the lines as well.  See below for the screenshots. I am referring to the blue line on the bottom of the boxes.  It appears to be random.  I can copy that block and move it and it won't show up.


page 1.JPGpage 2.JPG

Hello @PaulineC89,


Thank you for that added information and the screenshots, I believe I see exactly what is happening here.  Some versions of outlook read html code differently than most other email clients.  This is rarely a problem, but one of the somewhat well documented errors with their code reading, is that sometimes it will have a 1 pixel line after some lines of code.


What that means is basically sometimes outlook will have a line after random objects, usually after an area with a differently colored background, or if you're in our legacy template after tables.  That line is actually just the background color showing through because the email editor is not displaying that section at quite the right size (just 1 pixel too small). 


I'm afraid there's no guaranteed way of fixing that in outlook, especially since different versions of outlook seem to move that 1 pixel line to different places.  The only real solution, is to make your background color white or grey, so that the 'line' is essentially invisible.  Background images are not shown through those 1 pixel lines, so it's also possible that you could set your background color to white, and then use one of the background patterns to keep the email from looking too empty.

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