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Bounced e-mails

Where have you moved the bounce reporting? I can't find it.

Hello @MaureenM52


To access your bounce report: 


  1. Click Campaigns.

    click campaigns
  2. Find the campaign you'd like to review and click the name. 

    email name
  3. Click the hyper-linked number of bounces.

    Number of bounces

You can also export your bounces by: 


  1. Click Recommended for Removal > All bounce types.
  2. Click Export.

    all bounce types
  3. Click Export.

    export to confirm
  4. Click "You can check the status here."

  5. Click "Download CSV" or "Download Excel" for your recent request. It may take a few moments for that link to be available, just click the Refresh button.

    download report
  6. Depending on your browser select either Open with or Save File and then click OK.

I hope this was helpful to you! If you need a walkthrough on viewing bounces you can also check out this video tutorial.


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