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It seems all emails to a Charter address are bouncing lately.

Any idea why?

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Hello @KennethD221 ,


It appears all the "Charter" addresses that are bouncing as suspended (or initially non-existent prior to suspension). If their ISP is reporting to us that the address is non-existent, there's not much either you or our Delivery team can do, as it's something on the receiving end claiming the email address doesn't exist. Ultimately, it's generally best to remove suspended bounces from your contacts.


If you believe the addresses should be valid despite their status, you can try unsuspending in your account. Another option would be to either call in, or reply directly to the @-mention email you receive from this response, to provide the contacts and get an administrative unsuspend for them. 


Whichever unsuspend path you choose to go with, as a follow-up I'd recommend doing a Quicksend of the last email they were supposed to receive. If we receive a report from their domain / ISP about them being 'non-existent' again, then they'll likely be put back into suspension. You can check this by going to the contact's engagement history right after doing the Quicksend.


If the non-existent bounce occurs again, then it may be worth reaching out to our Delivery team to see if they have any additional insight regarding that domain / ISP. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support